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Burmese Food

We deliver the non-perishable (and possibly tedious) ingredients in the right proportion and quantity. Ready to be cooked with recipe included. We believe everyone can cook…with a bit of help.

The Burmese Store

Our delicious story

“I often made the Tealeaf Salad when i was entertaining people at home. The reaction to the salad was “WOW, what IS this thing?” No one had ever eaten anything like it! and the ones who had eaten had not forgotten the taste.
My friends started asking me to get them some. And there came an opportunity of making this available to everyone as it wasnt available in India except for at one single restaurant!
2 of my uncles live in Burma and with their help I was able to bring it to India and set up The Burmese Store.”
-Our Founder, Komal Bhandari

Our products

Fresh, authentic and handmade

Why should you buy from us

  1. We have our roots in Burma and we are committed to bringing authentic burmese food to you.
  2. Our products are handmade and have NO preservatives.
  3. All our products are 100% vegetarian.
  4. We make your cooking process and food planning easier by providing the possibly tedious ingredients in a kit that is easy to assemble at home.
  5. You can customize the dish to your preference. Eg: vegetarian or non-vegetarian with your choice of vegetables or protein.
  6. No wastage – DIY kits solve the problem of rationing. Instead of buying full portions of 10 ingredients separately, our kits send pre proportioned ingredients to reduce wastage and is therefore less expensive.

They all love our food

Here is what they said about our food

Tea Leaf Salad

"Loved loved loved the salad. It was yum!"


"The Khowsuey was really good. It was super easy and fun to make."

Tea Leaf Rice Salad

"Surya loves the salad with rice!"
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