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A DIY (Do It Yourself) Kit is a box that contains a designed recipe and pre-portioned ingredients that go with it. We deliver the non-perishable (and possibly tedious) ingredients in the right proportion and quantity. Ready to be cooked with recipe included. The idea is to make cooking hassle free and waste free for you.

60% of your overall cooking time goes into sourcing, cutting, cleaning and portioning ingredients. With our DIY Kits you get the satisfaction of cooking, without worrying about wasting, and achieving that tricky balance between getting both nutrition & good taste right.

Each box has pre-portioned ingredients along with an ingredient list and a detailed step by step recipe card. We provide all the ingredients except for the perishables (fresh vegetables) in order to allow for the ease of shelf life and it allows the end user to convert the dish in to a veg or non veg meal as per their preference.

We send you all the main ingredients needed to make the dish except for the perishables such as vegetables or meat. You will also be required to use some standard pantry ingredients like oil and salt that are readily available in your kitchen.

All 3 of our kits can be prepared in less than 30 minutes.

At The Burmese Store, our intent is to expose you to new dishes mainly “Burmese” that you might not have cooked before but that will surely enjoy the taste.

We are a vegetarian company. All our ingredients are 100% vegetarian.

No. All our kits contain onions or garlic or both.

Unfortunately that is not possible.

We try to source all our ingredients locally and as fresh as possible.

No. We use the freshest ingredients though.

Each of the kits mentions the shelf life on the box itself.

Most of our DIY Kits are designed to serve 2 people. Khowsuey Kits have variants that serve 4 and 6 people and the serving size is mentioned against all dishes.

In case you’re looking at serving more people you can simply order 2 units of that kit. For larger party orders, we recommend that you reach out to us separately at

We deliver on all 7 days and are currently servicing all parts of Bangalore. The Khowsuey Kit however cannot be couriered outside of Bangalore at the moment.

The Tealeaf Salad Kit and The Tealeaf Rice Salad Kits can be couriered anywhere in India.

No. We currently only ship within India.

We need 6 hours to delivery after you place an order and share a screenshot of the payment if it’s a local order (In Bangalore).

In case of couriers, we need 24-48 hours to ship your order post payment.

Yes, happily! We are happy to cater our existing recipes for larger settings. In case you would like to know more, feel free to drop us a line at

No. We dispatch orders post pre payment. You can choose to pay from a variety of online payment options.

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