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Why we do what we do?​

  • There are limited options for Burmese food in India.
  • Our founder has her roots in Burma and her family still lives there. What you get is authentic & fresh food. What’s better than to buy from a business that is true to the cuisine or country?
  • Cooking a meal at the end of a long day can quickly turn into a chore, often prompting us to take the easy way out, reach for the phone & dial the nearest takeaway – This is where The Burmese Store steps in.
  • Our meal kits aim to take the pressure off cooking – You receive pre-measured ingredients with an easy-to-follow recipe that is delivered to your doorstep.
  • We help you put together a healthy, restaurant quality dish in quick time with minimal fuss and zero wastage!

What makes it awesome

60% of your overall cooking time goes into sourcing, cutting, cleaning and portioning ingredients. And let’s agree, no one likes it!

With our DIY kits you get the satisfaction of cooking, without worrying about wasting, and achieving that tricky balance between getting both nutrition and good taste right.

A few words about me

Komal has done her MBA specializing in marketing with a lot of industry experience.

She has worked with a Southasian political magazine & Dabur –  based in Nepal, Airtel in Indore and then with Future Group in Bangalore.

She loves to travel, is an avid reader and enjoys music.

Her father was born in Burma and their family was forced to leave everything they owned and flee the country in the wake of the Civil War of 1960.

Two of her uncles however, went back to Burma around 20 years ago and have settled down there.

Komal’s family has a strong influence of Burmese food in their house and setting up The Burmese Store flowed naturally.

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Our team

Our team consists of young adults

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